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This harness provides a solution for individuals who want to transform their North American MK8 vehicles into the European specification. By utilizing this harness,  you can experience the advantages of European ID lights with their advanced features, just as they are originally equipped at the factory.


In contrast to the plug-and-play approach I offer, one of the main benefits of this harness is its integration into the CECM (Central Electronics Control Module), replicating the functionalities present in European models right from the factory. This includes features like rear fog lights, independent brake and signal functions.


It's important to highlight that while this harness isn't a straightforward plug-and-play solution, it's designed for a relatively simple installation process that is about 90 percent plug and play. The only exception is the connection to the CECM. However, when combined with a Dataset update carried out by Antony from ACM Technik LLC, it guarantees the complete utilization of all functions and capabilities of the European model.











MK8 IQ European Taillight Harness (Hardwire Option Dataset Required)

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